David Abi Faraj

David is a senior business consultant with an extensive experience in the field of supply chain and business solutions.

Benefiting from his extensive experience in managing the supply chain, procurement, production, warehouse and logistics functions which he gained over 14 years of working with multinational companies, David is extending this experience to companies to enable them enhance their supply chain network and overcome today’s volatile business environment.

David supports companies in building a flexible supply chain model in line with the company’s objectives through direct and interactive workshops and helps them build efficient processes, reduce heavy supply chain costs, and mitigate risks with the ability to react quickly and gain a competitive advantage through implementing industry best processes leading to longer-term profitability and sustainability.
David also delivers soft skills workshops and practical training courses in supply chain covering demand management and forecasts accuracy, procurement planning and supplier relationships, capacity management and production efficiencies, warehouse and inventory management competences, logistics and distribution, Sustainable supply chain, CSR, and latest market trends.
David is known to be a good business planner focusing on visionary business objectives and strategies with a commitment for excellence. In addition, David is well versed in ERP Implementation (Enterprise Resource Planning), software enhancement, alliances, and partnership development.
David earned his Bachelor Degree in Business Management from the Lebanese American University (LAU) in 1996.