Team Development and Team-Building

The key to a team’s success is the effort and commitment of each individual team member. These seminars are designed for team leaders who want to move their team(s) toward a higher level of performance, and for senior managers who want to achieve a competitive edge by making teamwork a systematic process across the organization.

Let us help you create conditions that bring out the best in your team. In this age of global operations, every company needs to know “best practices” in managing diverse teams.

Cause Mapping – A Process Improvement Tool

Apply the analytical tool proven to solve complex problems. Cause mapping draws the entire team into the process of describing a work flow problem, identifying basic cause and effect relationships, and visualizing effective solutions. This is an indispensible tool for leaders and managers.

Building Commitment to Change

Organizational change can strengthen and improve performance; it requires skillful leadership. Garner authentic commitment to the new direction as quickly as possible by understanding the emotions that employees will experience during progressive stages of change. Recognize the self- defeating attitude and skillfully redirect it to overcome resistance. Keep organizational objectives on track in the face of change by building solid commitment from your team. Learn to create a climate that will accept and encourage changes.

Collaborative Conflict Resolution

Differentiate between functional and dysfunctional conflict, and provide positive guidance toward a resolution, while retaining the goals of the organization. Practice a collaborative model for conflict transformation, encouraging creative options. Manage conflict that arises within teams. Assess your personal conflict management style and learn how to best influence positive outcomes.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: A Tool for Team-Building

All team members complete a 95-question self-assessment which identifies individual preferences in a non-judgmental manner, resulting in a Myers-Briggs four-letter “type”. Participants are then shown the many ways that diverse types work together productively.

Team Leadership Essentials

Improve team performance by leading members to commit to success as opposed to competing with each other. Study the stages of team development and identify challenges that most teams encounter. Understand how to sustain team success through skillful leadership.

Team Performance: Boosting Project Management

A team project simulation customized to your organization’s program/project management process. Participants are placed into teams where they compete to build a product from conception to audit in a fast-paced environment. Coaching will emphasize cooperation between cross- functional team members and overcoming communication barriers. Customer service and satisfaction are measured via quality, cost, and timing. Exploit the competitive advantages inherent in teams and empower individuals to participate in teams more effectively.