Selling, Influencing & Negotiating Skills

In a highly competitive environment, there is no substitute to communication skills whether with internal or external customers. The ability to connect with others, to get the message across, and influence others through win-win strategies is what differentiates successful and professional sales consultants from others.

Clear Customer Communications – Selling and Influencing for Results

Reinforces the crucial elements of FAB (Features, Advantages, and Benefits) of a value-add strategy and mindset.

Customer Centered Selling Skills

Practice effectively probing for customer needs in a conversational manner, rather than interrogating. Participants will learn to develop and influence the customer’s needs so that the solution becomes the product. Strategies for building additional business based on the initial sale will be presented.

Negotiating Skills

Recognizing negotiation opportunities, how to prepare for a negotiation, how to achieve a “win-win” outcome- these are skills required for success inside the organization, and when working with customers. Study the rules of negotiation, and learn techniques that will make your negotiations more effective.