Dr. Grèce Chami-Sather

greceGrèce Chami-Sather is a consultant with J&R Business Consultancy. Grèce holds a B.A in Psychology, M.A in Educational Psychology, Teaching Diploma in Elementary Education and a Doctorate (Ed. D) in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on TESL and Early Childhood Education.

For the last 25 years, Grèce has practiced teaching across the curriculum starting from early childhood. She has lived and taught in in Lebanon, Oman, Greece, Canada and finally the USA where she established the Center for Teaching Arabic at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio. She moved to the UAE and taught for two years at the UAE University. She worked as an educational consultant for CBEX at Zayed University and Sharjah Education Zone. She trains young teachers and promotes centers of literacy involving parental involvement in children’s education.

Her teaching philosophy bridges between home and school with a great focus on communication and language development. As a counselor, she also believes in Multiple Intelligences and Individual Differences and the potential to develop nations to their maximum potential to suit the demands of the future markets.

For the last 10 years, Grèce has been working on Career Guidance and Counseling helping students find their career personalities and pursuing their career paths. She has designed her own strategy: the Guided Search for Career Identity to help students explore all components of the workplace personality, and find suitable jobs in the market place.

Grèce is an accomplished pianist with a piano teaching Diploma from Trinity College of Music in London. She also holds a Black belt, first Dan in Taekwondo and believes in “education starting at the foundation” and providing a balanced diet of liberal arts education for developing well rounded individuals.