Communication Modules

In business, credibility is not only measured by results but by people’s awareness of the results. Effective communication is the single most essential skill of leadership success at every level of the organization. Learn how to increase your productivity by taking charge of your communication style. High performing teams know the importance of collaboration; excellent communication skills give the team its strength and resilience. Participants in these seminars will gain knowledge and skills pertaining to professional business communications that are appropriate for executives, managers, and employees.

Assertive Communication

Communication is the number one contributor to leadership success. Assertiveness is a useful communication tool. Its application is contextual; it is not appropriate to be assertive in all situations; employees use of assertiveness may be perceived as an act of aggression by others. This workshop provides awareness of the many styles of the communication process.

Becoming a Master Communicator

Your company does have a voice – it is the collective written communication emanating from each employee, at all levels of service. Ascertain that each key professional within your organization performs optimally when composing written documents for internal and external distribution. This powerful suite of communication modules includes the following five courses:

Write it Right – Begin with the basics: the mechanics of grammar, punctuation, and capitalization; scrupulous attention to flawless spelling and word usage. Advance to audience, organization and content. Identify and avoid common errors.

E-Writing for E-Maniacs – Composing, distributing, and managing electronic forms of written communication (email, instant message, text message, etc.) requires careful attention. Learn to leverage this primary form of correspondence, and avoid inherent mistakes.

Special Writing Applications – Study the techniques used each day by the marketing professionals to enhance your newsletters, flyers, and invitations. Tight, exciting messages that demand attention are no accident. Learn the art of the call to action.

What’s In and What’s Out – Apply the myriad formatting options available within today’s word processing software, without detracting from your message. Revisit acceptable business language and voice. Achieve contemporary flair while retaining a professional image.

Powerful Presentations – Learn to liberally and confidently apply the techniques that make a presentation spark, pop and sizzle. Put a stop to the usual disorganized, boring presentations.

Cyber-Management and Manners – Getting the Most from Email

Your message is not “just an email. Ensure that your skills are current with a careful analysis of email correspondence etiquette and distribution “netiquette.”

Effective Business Communication

Communication is the dynamic process that drives business, and this course is the ultimate guide for accelerating to excellence while skillfully avoiding the barriers. Strategies are examined for ideal impact in light of the message, the audience, the resources available, and the call to action. Clear, concise, factual communication is stressed through a variety of written and verbal applications. Continual emphasis on measuring comprehension during all phases of communication ensures that participants are able to identify barriers and address them.

Interpersonal Communication

Communication styles are diverse, and are not always compatible. Advance your organization’s objectives by learning to identify the various communication styles and leveraging your interaction to ensure clarity at the interpersonal level. Learn to analyze effective and ineffective listening, develop messages that will be heard, and build constructive relationships in the workplace. Understanding exactly what others are conveying, through verbal and non-verbal behavior, is key to targeting problems and developing effective solutions. Diffuse aggressive, covert aggressive and non- assertive behavior – even if it is your own!