Customer Service Modules

Millions of words have been written about customer service and how to create a corporate culture around this theme. Customer Service used to be all about transactions- make a quality product that results in a profitable sale. In today’s economy, it is imperative that everyone in your company does a good job with internal and external customers. Today’s customer is the next person in line who receives your output, whether he/she is at the next desk or halfway around the world. A financial transaction no longer defines the customer. Nothing you do at work is more important than tending to your customer.

Internal Customer Service: Working Together to Make Things Work

build motivation and engagement toward continuous improvement by creating awareness of internal customers. This module provides clarity about the impact of positive inter- and intra- departmental relationships. The focus is on sustaining collaborative relationships, learning specific techniques for clarifying responsibilities, and increasing commitment to organizational goals. An analysis of the complementary aspects among all personality styles aids in the reduction of friction and an awareness of the value of diverse styles within a successful organization.

Customer Relationships: Essentials of Customer Service

A comprehensive analysis of human behavior characteristics allow both veterans and new hires, alike, to elevate customer service quality from good to fantastic.

Attitude is Everything

Improve crucial first impressions and the continued satisfaction of customers by learning and incorporating great attitude components, including active listening skills and positive body language.

Servicing the Angry Customer

Explore strategies for approaching each customer style and become adept at working with difficult customers. Participants will be encouraged to practice techniques allowing a calm, controlled demeanor while servicing the really angry customer, including strategies for handling harsh language.

Respecting Everyone’s Differences

This course will emphasize the benefits of showing respect to customers; identify the dangers of stereotyping, and provide the tools to respond in a consistently positive manner.